An story of transformation, leaving an outdated operation behind and becoming “the” reference as one of the biggest digital document storage in the world, fully embracing a new era of digital services and opening up opportunities for increasing profitability.

The client

The third Brazilian bank at that time.

Another very expensive operation for a retail bank

The bank keeps a huge amount of documents in microfilm. Every single day several millions of documents are added to the pile, involving a lot of staff, equipment and real estate in order to run this operation. Customers are happy to pay for retrieval of documents, but the bank cannot attend the demand due to operational limitations imposed by microfilm equipment and the overall workflow involved.

Reduce costs, improve productivity, attend repressed demand

All sorts of documents which are directly related to customers in one way or another need to be digitalized and need to be available to customers directly via web interface or other electronic means, so that the bank enters a new cycle of augmented digital services, attending repressed demand, reducing costs and selling more services, increasing substantially profitability.

Enabling a solution

Mathminds was engaged directly to the bank this time. Initially our role was auditing the quality of services provided by consulting companies hired by the bank, making sure that the implementation provided by consultancy companies was adherent to functional and non functional requirements. On a second step, Mathminds was directly engaged onto the implementation of key components of the system, in particular layers related to storage and retrieval of electronic documents.


  • A complex project, but plenty successful and delivered according to plan;
  • A project awarded international recognition for its innovation, relevance, results and size.
  • Reduction of costs with equipment and real state for operation;
  • Reduction of costs with staff necessary for operation;
  • Preparation for a new cycle of augmented digital services.