Startups require consolidation of ideas into facts in a very tight time scale, in a way which converges to a viable product.

The client

A startup in the the field of information security.

A clean canvas

In the beginning, there was an idea. And a patent.

The startup patented an algorithm which aims to slice data, perform linear transformations, scramble the data and transmit it, so that it becomes virtually impossible for anything in the middle or even any data repository to reassemble the data without knowing the specifics about how it was sliced, transformed and scrambled.

Implementing a minimum viable product

An initial implementation is needed. A minimum viable product is needed.

Enabling a solution

Mathminds was engaged in the implementation of the first rollout of a minimum viable product, playing a key role in the definition and implementation of the technology stack, continuous integration of the solution and quality assurance of the final product.


  • Focus on deliverables in a very tight schedule;
  • Building the technology stack from scratch;
  • Implementation of Software Development Lyfe Cycle from scratch.