Sometimes a relatively simple task, such as integrating an external datasource, require extreme attention to detail due to external factors outside of our control.

The client

A leading commodities broker in London.

Expansion of business

A leading commodities broker in London is going to offer Forex instruments on its home built trading system. The task consists on integrating FX data provided by a data aggregation service, storing it internally and integration a home built electronic trading system so that clients would be able to trade such sort of financial instruments.

Allow trading of Forex instruments

The integration of the data aggregation system demonstrated to be more troublesome than expected, with a lot of small details blocking the project to achieve reliable results properly. A careful implementation is necessary, providing feedback to the data aggregation system, so that problems could be fixed on their side. The implementation of new functionalities is required in the electronic trading system in order to allow a different family of financial instruments to be supported.

Enabling a solution

Mathminds was engaged with the broker, implementing the ETL pipeline for Forex data. Mathminds also performed several tasks related to the implementation of a new family of financial instruments in the electronic trading system as well as making sure that timezones are observed to extreme accuracy, something of extreme relevance in the case of Forex instruments.


An entire family of financial products is available for trading.